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Tiffany Mason: SoCal Homeschool Adventures

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One of the most important things to Tiffany Mason is her family. Her journey as a homeschool Mom started out as a result of trying to find the best way to raise her children in an ever-evolving world. The start of that journey was filled with the ups, downs, and confusion of an uncharted territory. Out of that journey however came a realization of a passion for mentoring other families in the art of connection. Tiffany truly believes that connection happens on two levels. The first level is family member to family member, and the second is family to community. These connections are the motivation behind her creation that many know as SoCal Homeschool Adventures, but even that is only the beginning of something much greater. It is her belief, and hope that others will come to see, that learning happens everywhere all the time.

Tyler Mason: Masters of Tomorrow

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Tyler Mason is first a husband, secondly a father, and then a compilation of many other things; among those things is a business owner and homeschooling dad. He is one who firmly believes in the necessity of the perpetuation of knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next through mentors. He receives great joy in partnering with his wife in the operations of SoCal Homeschool Adventures as well as developing the Masters of Tomorrow program. The idea of Masters of Tomorrow is to provide opportunities for youth to see outside the box and explore the vast possibilities available for self-reliance, leadership, and social impact. He recognizes that his opportunities in life came as a result of great ‘giants’ allowing him to stand on their shoulders so that he could see the horizon of possibilities. It is his goal to provide a perch for the rising generation to see as he sees and dream as he dreams that they may reach their full potential.




Meet the Mason Family

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Texas pride meets California spirit in this boy-meets-girl story that began in 2005 and has grown to include four children and span across the country from Pleasant Grove, UT to Wichita, KS, and settling in Temecula, CA. The Mason family loves exploring and finds themselves adventuring wherever the wind may carry them.